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Our Manufacturer Network.
Our primary network of valve and valve automation component manufacturers (roughly 230 manufacturers for the power industry alone), is capable of handling the majority of the energy sector sourcing requests we receive. If you have a preferred AML (approved manufacturer list), specific manufacturer you are looking for or have something you need outside of traditional scope, we are happy to go the distance to find a quality offering on what you are looking for, at a competitive price.

Over the years, we have qualified a diverse list of top-tier manufacturing vendors that are part of our primary strategic sourcing network. Below is a partial list of some of our primary manual valve, automation components and automation accessories manufacturers which have consistently delivered quality products:



Tables and Calculators

1. Material Pressure / Temperature (Table to Calc)

2. Fluid Properties (Table to Calc)

3. Steam Properties (Table to Calc)

4. Flange Dimensions (Table)

5. Fitting Dimensions (Table to Calc)

6. Unit Conversions (Calc)

7. Valve Leakage Rate (Table to Calc)

8. Pipe Wall Thickness (Calc)

9. Chemical Compatibility (Table)